Tom Jung Bio

TJ began his recording career at Kay Bank Recording Corp in Minneapolis MN in the early 60ís. Starting with remote recording, disc mastering and ultimately studio recording where he would spend the next 40+ years. In 1969 he co-founded and built from the ground up Sound 80 Inc, which was a world-class 5-room recording studio working with artists such as Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Leo Kottke as well as the Minnesota Orchestra and St. Paul Chamber Orchestra the latter winning a Grammy Award. The Sound 80 building is now a historical landmark sited as the birthplace of digital recording due To pioneering involvement with 3M and their digital recorder project. In 1979 TJ moved to New York where he worked as a free-lance engineer recording movie scores such as Dressed to Kill, Cotton Club, Star 80, Annie and The Muppets to name a few as well as countless Pop and Jazz records. While working the studios with some of the best musicians in New York he got the idea to start a small audiophile jazz label called DMP (Digital Music Products).

In 1983 DMP released the first jazz CDís in the world and in 2001 won a Grammy for the Bob Mintzer Big Band Homage to Count Basie.

In 1997 DMP released the first commercially available stereo SACD followed by the first multi-channel SACD and an additional 17 SACD albums with all original recordings made with the DSD 1-Bit technology. TJ has worked with Sony, Philips and noted designer Ed Meitner to develop ultra high quality reference A to D and D to A converters which represent the highest standard in recording and playback available.

Testimonial: Joseph Grado Signature Hmp-1 Microphone

"Never have I heard a microphone capture sound moving in air with this degree of precision.

Tonal balance is as perfect as I have ever heard with distortion so low you forget you are listening to a recording.

The new Joe Grado HMP-1 microphone is INCREDIBLE"

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